Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Warmer Still

More melting going on on the pavements of cardiff today. But hopefully we'll get more cold temps tonight and a bit of freeze thaw. Action seems to have quietened down a bit, but that's most likely due to the majority of people being unfortunate enough at have work. I should stress, ice on the roads is turning to slush, but it's still pretty cold down here, and up in the valleys a bit higher and more windy, so with any luck the thawing days won't be as drastic there and will be just about enough to give some freeze thaw without too much damage on the ice falls.

I'm hoping to get out tonight to try reach torpantau again, but have yet to find a partner with a car, so we shall see. I just want to play with my leashless tools again, which you'll probably hear me banging on about quite a bit.

You'll imagine my surprise when just after i finished writing this, i looked out my window to see a full blown blizzard has started! All is not lost.

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