Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Snow and Driving Conditions


It's snowing. It has been since this afternoon and it's not letting up. There's a good 2 inches or so here and much more up in the valleys. The wind is also blowing a shed load of it around resulting in a lot of banking on the lee slopes, currently north. Reports have come in of accidents on roads to both Craig-y-Llyn and Torpantau and those roads now pretty much impassable, even by 4x4's although I can't confirm the accuracy of this. However, with this snow set to continue for the rest of the night, I'll be surprised if any of the main areas are easy to get to over the next couple days without chains. Snow is also beginning to turn to slush with the traffic on the main roads, and this appears to be freezing back down pretty rapidly, and will most likely lead to treacherous conditions in the morning. A470 it is.

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