Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Thaw Has Struck

Despite the fresh dump of snow and still cold temperature at night, it seems the thaw is starting to take it's toll. Things won't be climbable for much longer, so get out whilst you still can!

Just got this sent through by Matt Cope.

Popped up to RAC Corner this morning (only had a few hours and
couldn't risk the roads to Torpantau or similar). Lots of snow in
drifts but the A470 is clear. Quite a bit of snow overlying the ice,
but not enough to hide the fact that it's melting quickly. Lots of
running water and the right hand line on the bottom step is now rather
gripping at the top - with rock showing most of the way across.

It won't be climbable for long.


1 comment:

  1. Great new blog - very helpful.

    Fingers crossed that with this amount of snow & ice even this south-westerly wont strip everything, especially as I've been busy with work/kids for last 10 days, and missed all the fun so far.

    The best of winter still to come!??

    Neil A