Saturday, 27 November 2010

Conditions Report - Cadair Fawr/RAC Corner 27/11/10

Conditions Report from Peter Shepherd. Thanks Pete!


Went out walking on Cadair Fawr as planned. Just about enough snow in a couple of places to demonstrate how to arrest, but it was all loose powder snow, so was bunching up under you rather than being able to get a good slide going.

Dropped past RAC on the way back. The roadside culvert route is not in yet, but its getting there. Mid afternoon temp was reading -2 on the car. A fair amount of ice around, but still a lot of water. Give it 2 days, I reckon.

Did see a pair of climbers at the bottom of the last pitch of the full stream route though, which does look to be in, and then spotted them by the style on the bottom fence as we were driving back past.

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