Friday, 26 December 2014

Is Winter going to make it this year?

We're all thinking it. Last year was diabolical. I remember once climbing Torpantau in the middle of November and again at the start of April. Not for a while now. 

But what a great Christmas Present this year, forecast of a heavy dump of snow in South Wales. 

No we all know forecasts are fickle, but looking at the current Met Office forecast which predicts light snow today (boxing day), Heavy Snow tomorrow. A slight thaw for a day and then a return to colder temperatures, I can't help but hope that if the snow is heavy enough then it might just have chance to consolodate a little in the PyF gullies, and maybe - just maybe - be climbable in the middle of next week. 

There's no chance the turf will be frozen, but if enough snow falls... 

Watch this space.

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