Friday, 3 February 2012

Friday Round Up

So, what's being done?

Reports are coming in far and wide of conditions on the North Face of Pen Y Fan. The snow is unconsolidated but seeing a lot of traffic with lines becoming compacted. Ice is thin in all gullies but fattening up with the main mixed steps in central providing some interest. The headwall is rimed up nicely and passable. Turf solidly frozen.

RAC corner is on its way in with lines being climbed yesterday up the line of least resistance at around scottish 2. The exciting pillar at the base is yet to form and the top step should probably be avoided in its current state, however there are apparently interesting mixed options on either side.

Crag-Y-Llyn is rumored to be coming in slowly, with views from afar.

I will be out tomorrow exploring the torpantau situation followed by a jaunt up the north face and a trundle over to RAC corner for some ice bouldering. Will report back with photos.

Please keep conditions reports coming in people! It looks to be warming up again by saturday evening so if you want out; out now!

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