Saturday, 17 December 2011

Chilly things!

So apparently, there's some snow in the Brecon Beacons. I wouldn't know for sure as I haven't been there yet. But last night I fell over in the car park during an unrelaxing visit to a relaxing spa hotel up Caerphilly way- I put it down to there being ice on the pavement.

This to me seems a good counterpart to the bucket-of-water-outside-the-back-door test. The test results showed positive. The resulting conclusion - it's probably been chilly up high in the mountains. Although don't get too excited, it has almost certainly not been chilly enough for long enough for anything to form.

That said, I saw a pretty photograph of Hirwaun this morning and it certainly looks snowy up that way. Perhaps a nice walk in the snow would be in order tomorrow?

I'm on my way to North Wales tomorrow evening so I'll poke my head out the window on the way past pen - y - fan and let you know if my eyelids freeze instantly shut.

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